TWINTER – the First Portal

There are three generations

of Stratford-Smyths ‘living’ in Bede Hall.

The fourth is the ghost of a nine-year-old girl,

which makes them four generations

spanning four dimensions.


TWINTER –the First Portal

A curious boy-scientist and his twin sister move to an eccentric village whose inhabitants are born once or twice, and some not at all.


Sleepy Bede, where a great house awakes in cahoots with the weather, and animals are rarely quite as innocent as they seem.

When twelve-year-old twins Kit and Bash Stratford-Smyth’s archaeologist father goes missing on a dig in Egypt, their family is forced to move to Bede Hall, their eccentric grandmother’s grand estate. Brother and sister meet it’s ethereal and physical inhabitants, uncover the arcane secrets of a sleepy village, and discover a time portal which they hope will lead them to their father.

Instead they learn of a planetary catastrophe and must form a bizarre team of new friends to prevent a global disaster.



 Twinter_Chapter One


Excerpt from the twins’ grandmother, Lady Nan:

“When I was a very small, I used to stroll the manicured flowerbeds that spread like a skirt around the great house. Large topiaries wandered over the lawns like giant green animals, and I learned to swim with the stone mermaids who lived in the fountain.

   I could see fairies and other woodland spirits amongst the plants, and eventually, I was able to speak with them. They were the true gardeners of Bede Hall, and they taught me the language of the flowers.”


Twinter- the first portal
is now available on
as an e-book and print on demand



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